Most small business owners start their businesses to gain control over their lives...


They start a business, so that they can be masters of their own destiny. But somewhere along

the line the business takes over. The small business owner seems to work harder and longer

than ever before. Most times business owners have no clue what software tools to use to improve their operations. What we have said over and over again is rely on the best business software reviews out there.


Why most small businesses struggle

The biggest reason why small businesses seem to struggle isn't from lack of ideas, talent, or

hard work for that matter. What they really need is to get advice Small business owners really

need practical marketing and business advice, that can be implemented quickly and effectively.


But where do you go to get advice that can move your business forward?


Presenting the FREE Learning Rock Series

The Learning Rock is a series that helps small businesses cut through the clutter of hype and

confusion. It's a no-nonsense educational series, that not only helps you put together tactics

and strategies for your business, but also helps you meet other like-minded people just like you.


So what does the Learning Rock Series cover?

It covers topics such as:


1) How to keep customers coming back forever.

2) How to increase your prices without losing a single customer.

3) How to turn your business card into client-magnet.

4) Why customers say no, and how to get them to say yes.

5) The importance of the Yes-Yes Factor (And How It Increases Profits).

6) Why Goal-Setting Is over-hyped: And How To Make Plans Work For You.

7) How to instantly get customer's attention.

8) How to create knockout catch-phrases.

9) How to wake up an audience in under 60 seconds.

10) How to create expertise (and get paid 100% in advance)


And lots more...


Ok, so how much does all of this cost?

Good question. It costs nothing. It's FREE. No charge. But there are only 30 seats available. So

you've got to make sure you register.


So what's the catch?

There's got to be a catch somewhere, you think. But in fact, there's none.

You don't have to pay anything. You don't have to buy anything. There's certainly no upsell. Or

any hidden factor. Nada. Nothing.


The reason we're doing the Learning Rock Series, is to give back to the business community.

And there's a good reason why.


When we started out at Psychotactics in August 2002...

We struggled with our business for a while. Most of the information we got was either hypy;

too impractical for a small business. And yes, there were business courses, but they were too

theoretical. So yes, we struggled a fair bit at the start.


Our business took over our lives. We were afraid to go on vacation (you don't get paid on

vacation--and you do spend money). We would work long hours. And often never take the

weekends off. We loved our work (and still do), but realized there was a life to live. And enjoy.


Which is the reason for starting up with The Learning Rock. A place where Kiwis can learn

hands-on, practical tactics and strategies every month. At no cost, whatsoever. How can we provide it at no cost?

Well we use a learning management system to create and deliver the content.


How do I know that it's not going to be a waste of my time?

You'll know that it's not a waste of your time by the credibility of the speaker. The Learning

Rock events will be taught by Sean D'Souza. Sean is an internationally-known speaker, author

and trainer.


He writes a fortnightly column for the New Zealand Herald (The Business on Mondays). And he

conducts workshops and consults annually in different countries, including a whopping 7-day

event in California, USA each summer. He also writes over 300 articles a year on marketing and

business and a casual search of Google, will bring up hundreds of instances of Sean's expertise.


Sean's also worked with Kiwi and Aussie companies such as Bedpost, Flight Centre, Danny's Pita

Bread, has trained people from companies as diverse as Davenports Lawyers, Bayleys Real

Estate, Call Plus, Plug Advtg., 20/20 Design, Buddle Findlay, Esquires Coffee House, Speedy

Signs, AMG Group, Centell, Collection House, Martin Personnel , Spotlight and dozens more.


He's also the author of the highly-acclaimed book called the 'Brain Audit' (which has sold

thousands of copies worldwide), as well as the creator of programs in marketing tactics,

website strategy, article writing, and information-product creation. Be sure to check our some of the project management software tools used to create this series.


And he runs a website at


Here's just what some participants have to say about Sean (and Psychotactics):

"I've been in the training business for 25 years, but I have never seen concepts as elegant as



Simple is not the word for it. It's easy to follow and apply but extremely sophisticated. It's

compelling, powerful and straightforward all at once. If you want to get in the brain of the

customer and understand exactly why they do what they do, Psychotactics is exactly what you



diana hendricks winder


-Diana Hendricksby, Simpale



"Running into PsychoTactics is like running into abrasive sandpaper. It really scrapes away at

your business soul. It gives your business the angles not yet explored. And it wipes away

traditional thinking. And that's just for starters.


What I like about PsychoTactics, is that it forces me to think around corners

It goes beyond just thinking outside the box. It literally makes you go around the corner, look

what's likely to happen and prepare yourself for that eventuality. It forces you to think beyond

and then beyond that beyond."


eigene moooru

-Eugene Moreau, Auckland.


"I found your teachings to be truly inspirational. When I first thought about attending the

seminars I did wonder if it would be another of 'those' courses. The ones that you attend, get a

whole lot of information, leave feeling inspired but for one reason or another nothing else



That is so not the case with your seminars. They were informative but at the same time

practical and I know that what I learnt from you will stay with me whichever career path I

choose to take. Thank you so much for introducing me to a simple, step-by-step practical

approach method to marketing and talent development."


mimaina gpetege

-, Auckland


"I went to the PsychoTactics Workshop and it totally changed the way I looked at my business.

The concepts were easy to implement both for customers and for staff. And I'm glad I took the

team members on my staff as well, as they too started looking at the business in a way they had

never done before."


juliusua dims

-JDk, Bedpost Franchisee


How you can be part of the Learning Rock training...

You can register online on the link below marked ,Register'. When you click on the link, you'll be

taken to a page, where you'll find a list of the events, and all other details.


What you need to do next



P.S. If you're still unsure about the quality of the information you're going to receive, have a

look at PsychoTactics and you'll get a pretty good idea of what to expect.


P.P.S. Get a friend to the event. You'll have someone to bounce ideas off, once you hear the

presentation. Plus it's always fun having a friend along. Get your friend to register as well. Oh,

and bring a paper and pen along. You'll want to take notes too!